Canzac Nannies - Simple and Straight Forward
  Canzac Nannies offer families an opportunity to hire a reliable, screened, caregiver. Everyone involved in the company has had first hand experience in employing a caregiver or working as one. We ensure quality caregivers from New Zealand, Philippines (via Hong Kong) and Canada through a vigorous set of questionnaires and interviews. We offer reliable, professional and personal service.

  New Service! Canzac Nannies Introduces the Australian Division  
  Canzac Nannies Australian Division is run by Susan Payne. As experienced Caregiver, who has worked throughout the world and now resides in North Vancouver. Susan understands the need to meet families individuality, by supplying them with Nannies with similar interests and expectations for a comfortable, rewarding experience. Susan personally screens Nannies in Australia, finding applicants from Nanny Schools and existing Caregivers in Australia. Susan is assisted by her sister Jenny Drummond, a mother of two herself, so Canzac will always have a representative in Australia. If you wish to hire an Australian Nanny we have all the documentation that is required. The process can take between 3 to 4 months. Please contact us for further details!  
  New Zealand Live-in Caregivers  
  Canzac Nannies specializes in New Zealand Live-in caregivers. Vicki Kenny, who resides in Auckland, New Zealand, and her partner Clare Halliburton, in Christchurch, New Zealand, screen all nannies overseas. Their agency, Nannies Abroad, find applicants from nanny schools, where they train to specifically work as caregivers. This is why New Zealand nannies are so reputable. We have all New Zealand caregivers on file, which include questionnaires, interview analysis, personal philosophy on child care , and photo. If you wish to hire a New Zealand Nanny, we have all documentation that is needed to bring one over to Canada. This process takes between three to six months so please plan ahead of time. Check out Nannies Abroad on the Internet.

  Philippine Live-in Caregivers  
  Canzac Nannies also works with ShineX Caregivers Inc. an agency based in Toronto, Canada. They ensure us professional nannies that are fully screened. ShineX Caregivers are professionals from the Philippines: nurses and teachers who also have nanny experience. We can share with you the caregivers file, which includes their biodata, credentials, references and photos. If you wish to hire a Filipino nanny the process takes three months.


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